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Since 1989 Best Doctors has been bringing help and advice to people with health concerns worldwide. Today we offer a comprehensive range of services from an in-depth medical review of the case which can reassess a diagnosis and treatment plan, to Doctor Online, which offers straightforward medical answers to your questions. So whatever queries or pressing medical concerns you may have, you can be sure that all the knowledge we can share is drawn from our close links with the world’s best medical experts.

At Best Doctors we believe that everyone should be able to gain a good understanding of their health and know what steps they can take to improve it. Our Wellness services can help you to make important calculations about your health and our online health assessments can give you greater insight into specific areas of your health and how you can improve them.

From checking symptoms to getting general health information, you can easily find all this and more with Best Doctors. We have a truly comprehensive information resource which includes videos and diagrams and which comes from experts that you know you can trust.

As well as having access to all of Best Doctors’ medical services you will also be able to find all kinds of information on a wide range of medical conditions and treatments.

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Best Doctors® FAQs

Best Doctors® is an expert medical organization, featuring over 53,000 of the world’s top specialists and covering more than 450 specialties and subspecialties of medicine. We’re helping over 35 million people worldwide get the answers they need about their health—and now our services are available to you at no cost through your organization.

For any medical situation, Best Doctors® can help. Need to find a specialist? Our Find a Best Doctor service connects you to over 53,000 top-rated doctors. Get customized medical advice and answers to basic questions about your health condition with our Ask the Expert service. For more serious concerns, we may recommend an In-Depth Medical Review to take a closer second look at your diagnosis and treatment plan.

Best Doctors® is available to all participants in your organization’s benefits plan, so you and your enrolled family members can all take advantage.

No! Best Doctors® is included in your health benefits, so your employer has already paid for you to utilize our services. You pay nothing.

Member Connect is the website you’re using right now—friendly, convenient way to access Best Doctors' services. Here you can receive important updates to your cases and get real-time, personalized answers from the Best Doctors® team, as well as review your records and reports whenever you’d like.

Not sure where to start? No problem. Begin by registering, and once your Best Doctors® account is created, simply click on our Service Selector. We’ll ask a few simple questions to get a sense of your needs, and then we’ll direct you to the Best Doctors® service we think will help you the most.

Best Doctors® is 100% private and secure, and your information will NOT be shared with anyone outside Best Doctors® without your written consent. Nobody at your employer or health insurance provider will ever know you used our services. At Best Doctors, we comply with all relevant national and international privacy laws and regulations.

Absolutely not! Getting a second opinion is standard protocol in the medical field. Our goal is to support both you and your doctor with helpful information you both can use to determine the best medical treatment. In fact, we often hear from treating physicians how valuable they found our services, and that they truly appreciated their patient’s decision to contact Best Doctors.

First, we’ll share our answers and findings with you privately. With your permission, we’ll then send your report to your treating physician. Together, you can make more informed decisions about your treatment plan. We’re always here to answer questions and collaborate with your doctor in every way possible.

We’re sure you’ll find value in our answers, advice and reviews—information you can use to move forward with confidence when treating your condition. But ultimately, it’s up to you. Make the choices you feel are right for you. Our recommendations are here to guide you.

Only the top 5% doctors in the world qualify to be Best Doctors. Doctors do not pay any type of “fee” to become a Best Doctor – the distinction must be earned through a rigorous peer review process, meaning that doctors must be judged exceptional by other expert doctors and voted into the organization.

Best Doctors® will email you important updates to your case, so you always know the status and any crucial actions you need to take. If for any reason you do not wish to be contacted by email, please call 1-800-085-6605 to discuss an alternate solution with a friendly team member.

Please do! We’d love to answer any additional questions, answer any concerns or help you find the Best Doctors® service that's right for your needs. To speak with a Member Advocate, call 1-800-085-6605. We’re here to help!