In-Depth Medical Review

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What it is


Is there a better treatment? Do I really need surgery? Is Doctor missing something? How can I be sure?

If you're facing medical uncertainty consider these facts:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 people are misdiagnosed
  • 68% need a change in treatment
  • 38% of our members were able to avoid proposed surgeries

Before you move ahead, let a top-rated Best Doctor perform an expert review of your medical case. The expert will either confirm your diagnosis and treatment plan or recommend critical changes.

The process

1 Select in-Depth Medical Review. Complete our Online Intake Interview, and we'll give you a call to gather comprehensive information from you about your medical condition to make sure we have everything necessary to start your case, including medical and family history, past and planned treatments, current medications and questions or concerns you may have.

2 We assign you a dedicated team. Your clinical team will include a physician, a case coordinator and a Member Advocate (registered nurse) who will be your personal contact throughout the case review.

3 We gather your records. Simply sign your medical release form, and we'll take care of the rest. Your medical records specialist will contact your treating physician's office and collect any relevant records, including test results, medical imaging (X-Rays and MRIs), doctor's notes and pathology samples.

4 We review and retest. Radiology studies and pathology samples will be re-evaluated at a top medical center to confirm accuracy or uncover any overlooked findings.

5 We match you to an expert. Your team will carefully select your Best Doctors® specialist—matching you to a leading doctor known for his or her particular expertise in your condition. Depending on your condition, more than one expert may be selected.

6 We create your Expert Report. Your specialist conducts a comprehensive analysis, then prepares an Expert Report that provides specific recommendations about your condition. If you would like, a copy can also be sent to your treating physician to help with your treatment planning. The entire process generally takes 4 to 6 weeks.

7 We follow up. Our commitment to your health doesn't end with the report. Your Member Advocate will call to answer any other questions you have, provide clarification about the report, check on how your treatment is going and offer support.