23. May, 2017

Spring SADness

The arrival of the spring can have a heavy bearing on many and has even caused a spike in depression diagnosis and suicide rates[1]. It seems cruelly ironic that spring is one of the most beautiful and cheerful seasons, representing... Read More
16. May, 2017

Comfortable in your own skin, at home and at work

Nutrition   In order to eat healthy we have to make we are ingesting all the necessary nutrients that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes. A handy tool to refer to is the nutrition... Read More
09. May, 2017

LOOKING BEYOND THE SIX LETTER WORD: Focus on cancer and the many treatments

Cancer can begin in the lungs, the breasts, the colon or even in the bloodstream. It can stagnate in certain areas of the body or spread through the body, and the spreading can happen slowly or very rapidly. While cancers... Read More