What it is

Locating the right medical expert for you

The process

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What it is


How do I find a physican that specializes in my condition?

I'm moving—Where do I go for a new specialist?

When you need to see a medical specialist, let us help you find a physician who is right for you. The Best Doctors® database is made up of the top 5% of the physicians in the world. This exclusive list of peer-nominated specialists tend to be located near major teaching facilities and centers of medical excellence. If you need a specialist, we’ll search our proprietary network on your behalf to see if any our doctors meet your search criteria.

With respect to the time-sensitivity of your requests and in an effort to make the service as convenient as possible, Best Doctors® will share our identified expert’s contact information with you right away so you can connect with their office at your earliest convenience to verify if they are covered in your health plan and accepting new patients.

The process


1 Select Find a Best Doctor. Complete our 2-minute input form to tell us exactly what you’re looking for in a doctor.

2 We search our database. We’ll search our proprietary database of over 53,000 renowned medical experts to find the Best Doctor (or Doctors) who most closely meets your needs and is nearest to your geographic location.

3 We send you a list of Best Doctors. Within 5 business days, you’ll get our search results with up to three doctors that fit your criteria, so you’ll quickly know whether or not there is a Best Doctor close by.